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Open, honest, engaging, informative, and humorous, Brooke has been speaking professionally for the past 20 years. As a business owner, author, consultant, and trainer, she brings her expertise to the platform by interacting and connecting with her audiences. 

Living life with intention became very clear for Brooke when she was surprised with a cancer diagnosis that would take her on a 17-month healthcare journey. Dispelling the belief that cancer is a gift, she prefers to think of cancer as a one-on-one tutorial of life. She has gathered many life lessons and has a deep desire to share them with others.  

When you hire Brooke, you can be assured that you will have an unforgettable event. She will share insights that participants can begin incorporating into their workdays. Brooke will provide customized solutions to improve the patient/consumer experience giving organization's a competitive edge.  

Brooke is also CEO of Perception Strategies, Inc., a qualitative research firm and one of the nation's largest healthcare mystery shopping companies, and Task To Touch, LLC, creators of healthcare e-learning videos available on HealthStream. With Task To Touch, many of her observations as a healthcare researcher come to life as professionally produced reenactments. 

Brooke provides valuable insight as she shares her trifecta of healthcare knowledge - generating over half a million healthcare mystery shops, 100’s of patient observations/interviews at bedside, and now as a cancer survivor. 

A successful trainer and consultant, Brooke helps clients achieve success by understanding and benefiting from consumer perception so that they can remain competitive in today’s market.  

Brooke authored an insightful guide to customer service entitled Turn Your Customer On: 23 Ways to Motivate Employees and Make Your Customers Love You, The Perceptive Patient: A Healthcare Consultant's Own Cancer Journey, and The Second Best Thing:Making Dreams Come True for Children with Life Threatening Illnesses

Brooke has been featured on Good Morning America and in The Wall Street Journal as well as several professional healthcare magazines.

Brooke volunteers her free time to various organizations: