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Brooke provides valuable insight as someone responsible for generating over half a million healthcare mystery shops, 100’s of patient observations/interviews at bedside, numerous clinical employee interviews, and now as a cancer survivor. 

Moving from Task To Touch™

Task To Touch e-Learning  (Exclusively available through HealthStream)

Task To Touch e-Learning (Exclusively available through HealthStream)

Healthcare continues to search for the magic bullet to improve their patient experience, HCAHPS scores, and market share.  Over the past three years, Brooke has had the privilege of sitting bedside with hundreds of patients across the country to better understand what their actual experience is compared to what the hospital thinks it is.  Her team has been asked to observe bedside shift reports, hourly rounding, the practice of using the four P’s, and many other system wide initiatives that are task driven. 

Thousands of hours of interviews have shown that patients want a personal touch and a human connection with their caregiver that isn’t part of a new program outlined in a clever acronym.  In this engaging presentation, Brooke will demonstrate how clinical supervisors, nursing directors and leadership distinguish themselves from a Task To Touch™ organization.

The Perceptive Patient

 (45-60 impactful & inspiring minutes)

After 20 years of patient perception research, clinical deep dives, and ethnographic studies on poor performing hospital units, nothing could have prepared Brooke for her own emotional journey of navigating through a year and half of cancer treatment.  She shares her story as a perceptive patient observing her care through the vulnerable eyes of someone who isn't in control.

Brooke's inspiring stories rekindle the human spirit as she shares how her caregivers provided survival kindness, gentle gestures, and healing words.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Identify areas in your organization where you can have the greatest impact on the patient's care journey.
  • Rethink how patients perceive clinical processes.
  • Identify ways your staff can begin to provide gentle gestures and healing words to impact the patient experience.

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