Brooke has been a keynote speaker since 1978. As a business entrepreneur, author, and public speaker who engages audiences worldwide with her witty anecdotal style of, "telling it like it is." Brooke entertains audiences while sharing solutions to customer service challenges, cracking the communication code and understanding how to manage key behaviors.

Brooke's Values as a Speaker:

  • Sharing her gift to connect with her audience with humor and transparency

  • Enjoying a good laugh -  and she thinks you do too!

  • Imparting the wisdom of 20 years as a speaker and over 15 years studying human behavior and conducting perception research 

  • Knowing what it's like to be an "overcomer"

Brooke On Business

Brooke is co-owner and CEO of Perception Strategies, Inc,. a national customer perception firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana, specializing in healthcare mystery shopping and Customer Service Consulting Services. Since 1998, her company  has provided its clients with tens of thousands of insightful observations that resulted in substantive, pro-customer changes.

Brooke entertains audiences while sharing solutions to customer service challenges, cracking the communication code and understanding how to manage key behaviors.

Brooke has traveled throughout the world as a keynote speaker since 1978.  Her most requested topics are:

My Patient Experience: Can You Handle the Truth?

Can someone define what the Patient Experience is? Brooke Billingsley will provide thought provoking insight as she shares her trifecta of knowledge as a cancer patient, generator of 60,000 healthcare consumer reports, and someone who has conducted 100’s of clinical employee interviews. If you can’t define patient experience, you can’t provide it and you can’t measure your success in delivering it. Brooke will share her emotional journey as she continues to navigate her way through a healthcare system on the path to healing. Her unique perspective as healthcare consultant, human behavioral expert, and now as a patient will provide attendees with strategies that maximize their marketing efforts, understand how to align with the patient’s goals, and convey a message of truth.

Everyone Wins with Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is more than a written script and code of conduct -- it is a cultural shift in your way of thinking. Glean from Brook's insights on what customers want and how to give it to them. Discover the Six Key Levels to Customer Service Excellence: 

  • Commitment
  • Observation
  • Consistency
  • Hiring
  • Coaching
  • Recognition and Praise

Cracking the Communication Code

We communicate everyday with people of different ages, cultures and histories and for some of us it is a challenge to reach a common understanding. Just ask me and I will share my story of my shaved cat! Discover how to crack the code to effective communication by utilizing new tools.

  • Learn how to tailor your communication to specific styles
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Using the influencer at work
  • Creating new strategies to connect with others

Using Your GPS to Communicate

  • Game Changing, Personality, Style

Using Perception to Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Others Perception = Your Bottom Line

Customer Service for the Future

  • Utilize, Adapt, and Embrace New Trends

The Patient's Voice via Twitter, Blogs & YouTube

  • The Power of Social Media over a Letter to the CEO




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