The Emotional Side of Being a Patient

The emotion a patient feels can render them helpless and almost child-like.  December 23, 2011, sitting on the edge of the exam table after a 40-minute biopsy I asked the doctor, “Do you think I have cancer?” and without pause she positively stated, “You Have Cancer!”  I didn’t remember much after that because I shut down mentally. 

19 years of patient perception and six months of conducting an emotion study for the Cleveland Clinic where I interviewed 120 patients allowed me to better understand how human emotion affects the patient’s physical and biological experience with their provider.   This impactful presentation provides participants with a collection of themes, best practices and how to recognize emotional cues that patients exhibit.

Doctor, I Need a Dose of Hope, Please

Are you a hopeful person?  Only half of us measure high in hope.  Fortunately, hope can be learned.  Dr. Shane Lopez states that hopeful people share four core beliefs:

  1. The future will be better than the present.
  2. I have the power to make it so.
  3. There are many paths to my goals.
  4. None of them is free of obstacles.

Discover the ways caregivers can provide hope to those in their care and implement daily habits that demonstrate intentional kindness.  Based on 17 years of patient perception, Brooke will define hopeful behaviors that are measurable in the patient experience. Providing caregivers with verbal and nonverbal communication that signify kindness, practical ways to make hope part of daily patient care and define hey behaviors that differentiate ordinary care from extraordinary care.  

Practice the Four Habits of Individuals Who Live to 100!

 There is great interest in finding ways to live a long and healthy life.  Many books, articles and experts have been sharing the secrets of longevity and anti-aging.  Globally they estimate that boomers will spend 291 Billion dollars on anti-aging products.  Learning from individuals who lived to be 100, a recent international study shared 4 common factors that all 100 year olds have in common. 

In this interactive and humorous presentation, Brooke will illustrate daily habits you can apply to your life so you can be among the elite group of Centenarians!