Task To Touch Training (Healthcare)

You know your employees are not performing at the level you would like because the scores tell you so. But to hear them tell it, they are doing everything they can. This training fills the gap between patient reality and employee self-deception. Only when caregivers have a true understanding of their behavior can they begin to affect patient perception.  

Program Objective:

  • Task To Touch™ Training helps participants identify personal issues such as fear and anxiety, pressure, frustration, and feeling a lack of respect or recognition, and giving them the tools to turn their ability to know themselves into a greater capacity to know their patients. 
  • Participants will learn how to be more mindful, handle conflict, support better teamwork, utilize storytelling, apply “Touch” strategies, adopt mentors and coaches, and assess strengths and weaknesses.
  • Task To Touch™ Training will significantly improve the participant's ability to engage patients in ways that are efficient and more positively perceived.
  • In this training, staff will learn to link their actions to what patients want.

Method & Approach:

This training is most effective when preceded by an ethnographic study allowing us to customize the training for your organization. Another option is to conduct a modified personality profile prior to training. The duration of the training depends on whether or not ethnography and a personality survey is involved.

Task To Touch™ Training is highly interactive and uses many humorous videos to keep participants engaged.

Who Should Engage Perception Strategies For This Training?:

Healthcare organizations that have had difficulty moving the HCAHPS needle and have already tried any number of canned solutions.